Stage 1

Web 3.0: The Technological Revolution of the Internet

 Explore a detailed insight into the convergence of technologies that underpin Web 3.0 experiences. Track the core components of the decentralised web, directly from industry leaders working at the bleeding edge and discover the latest developments happening around us today. Prepare yourself for a more transparent, efficient and connected internet of Web 3.0.


Stage 2

Web 3.0: Industrial and Societal Transformation

The internet of today favours big, centralised organisations over the individual user. Conversely, decentralised, more autonomous infrastructures shift the needle toward a user-controlled environment and reclamation of data sovereignty. Learn how Web 3.0 technologies are being leveraged in industry and our infrastructure. Address the impact societally and the vast possibilities at the human level.

Inspiration from the people decentralizing the web.

Listen to the biggest players in the Web 3.0 industry.

Join us to explore the future capabilities of Web 3.0 and how it will revolutionise the internet. 

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Immersive Experience

Our ambition is to replicate the interactivity of physical networking events, online and accessible to all.  Ask questions and upvote your peers. Share your opinions about web 3.0 through live chat and speaker polls. Take home additional resources and presentations from speakers. On-demand access to all sessions.
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Network With Everyone

Dive into industry-leading networking experiences throughout the event. Speed network with other guests or hang out in the general chat room. Alternatively keep up the learning and dive into extended Q&As or Round Table discussions with speakers and experts, to dig into the weeds on some of the sticky topics!
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Play Games to Win

Put your skills to the test! Our interactive online games are a great way for you to take a break from the content and potentially win prizes from our partners. Let's see if you can get the highest score and beat the other conference attendees.


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